Urine Testing & Toxicology


Most people are honest most of the time.

Most people...

Whether you believe that substance use disorders are a physical disease, spiritual malady or maybe both one thing we know for sure is it effects the way we use and understand the truth. 

Most addicts live in and for the moment.  That is a big part of why addiction and alcoholism are so hurtful to loved ones.  The drug treatment industry has saved countless lives but even in drug rehab addicts and alcoholics will find ways to use. 

Heading into rehab, on a weekend pass, or a roommate that snuck something in…

Addicts will use.

Enter toxicology.

The treatment industry has a "spy" that works for them that is both reliable and discreet.  Our urine tells us what we've consumed and it provides a level of accountability that helps us fall back in love with the truth and well, we all know that the truth is what sets us free.